Voices From The Sea...

Evelyn Hood’s latest novel is set in the Moray Firth village of Portsoy in the late 19th century.  When widowed Eppie Watt becomes the housekeeper for local businessman Alexander Geddes she and her daughter Charlotte and sister Marion find their lives becoming entangled with those of Alexander and his domineering mother, spoiled daughter and his son Duncan, who longs to work in the marble quarry supervised by his father, and runs away from home when Alexander insists on him becoming a physician instead. 

When Duncan finally returns to the village he brings with him a stranger, Foy, who brings even more turmoil to the Geddes household, and to Eppie.   

As always, the book is filled with living, breathing characters and the reader is swept along by the story of their lives, loves, losses and, for some, ultimate happiness. 


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